Welcome to Tarot Wisdom

The tarot is a teacher, providing lessons and guidance on how to live life with respect, clarity and abundance. There is no great mystery to the tarot, or any dark occult side… it is simply a way of learning valuable life lessons that can help us all navigate our path through our time here.

My name is Stephen Owen and I have been reading tarot cards for over 25 years. I first discovered tarot at a spiritual fair. The images on the cards and the reader’s ability to ‘read’ them fascinated me. After a while I purchased a set of tarot cards… and I still use them to this day.

Traditional Tarot Card Readings vs Computer Drawn.

I carry out all my readings by hand. I choose a comfortable quiet place, set my mind to be clear and in the moment, then perform a card deal – all the while keeping you and your questions in my mind. I keep a journal of every reading I make and refer to it for meaning when none is clear. There are many ‘quick solution’ tarot sites online today offering immediate readings, but these cannot truthfully give genuine intuitive guidance. They may give a quick meaning to a computer drawn card or spread, but it will not be a true tarot reading.

I currently offer 4 different types of tarot card reading:

Love & Relationship Tarot Reading

Career & Work Tarot Reading

General Tarot Reading (Ask any question)

Full Tarot Reading (very popular reading)

I know and trust my cards. It takes time to understand the meaning of the cards and how their message applies to the situation requiring attention. I have dedicated over 30 years to reading tarot… and even I get surprised from time to time. I am always learning.

Love and Light,

Stephen x