Six of Swords – Sadness Trauma Recovery Travel

This could be a period of doubt, sadness or mild depression… in short, feeling the blues.

Life is full of ups and downs. We all feel the blues from time to time and need to recover from everything that has been going on. Usually there is nothing physically wrong… you just feel down in the dumps. This is ok and as I said, everyone goes through it. For some, getting away from everything for a little while really helps. The Six of Swords can suggest travel – both internally (soul-searching) and externally (going on a vacation or getting out-of-town for a while).

This card can also indicate recovery. Perhaps you have been going through a tough time lately and that time is now coming to an end. Better times are ahead and you are heading in the right direction. Allow yourself to feel your emotions for what they are… let them go through their course and look forward to the happier times that are coming your way.

On a positive note, the Six of Swords suggests that this period of sadness will not last forever. There are better times ahead to look forward to.

Wishing you love and light x


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